A Love Affair with Colour and Silk

I live by the Atlantic ocean in Halifax Nova Scotia and make my living as a full time artist. My art degree is in textiles, but for many years I worked in paper collage, painting my own papers, often using textile related techniques. In 2013, at a time when I was going through a bit of a creative block and wondering which direction to go next, a friend gave me a length of silk fabric that she didn't need. I ordered just a few dyes and paints to start with and began playing. It took another year or so to re-acquaint myself with the dyes, methods and materials that I love to work with, but I've never looked back! 
I use a variety of dyes, each having it's specific qualities. I keep experimenting and have had some amazing serendipitous results. For instance,in many of my long infinity loop scarves you will see marbling like patterns that are created by using two different dyes in both direct application and immersion dyeing. 

Another of my favorite techniques is clamp dye and you will see this in some of the chiffons and lighter weight silk. It involves folding the silk in a specific way and clamping one or more shapes in order to resist the dye. This can then be repeated with the clamped shapes being moved slightly to build more color layers.

Of course I also use silk paints, both with and without resists, as well as marking pens formulated for fabric. My very favorite thing is to just free paint on the scarf without any resist lines or pattern to follow. Many of my painted scarves are done in this method, either on white or on a previously dyed color.

My inspirations are colour, nature and pattern. Often my idea for a pattern can come from nature. My colours are definitely influenced by my ocean surroundings and I use aqua, blue, green and yellow a lot, but I also love corals, pinks and purples. I just love playing with colour!

All scarves are one of a kind, hand dyed and painted by me. You will find various sizes and shapes, including smaller infinities, large scarves in chiffon and habotai silk as well as other simple wraps / sarongs now and then. 

 All dyes and paints are specially formulated for silk so they leave the fabric soft and wearable, and are completely washable by hand. All scarves have a signature mark and come with care instructions.

I hope you will enjoy wearing my scarves as much as I enjoy creating them!

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