Serendipitous Designing

It's January so I have more time to play with some different creative ideas. Recently I bought a roll of drawing paper that is about the width of my larger scarves as I thought it would be fun to play with some scarf scale designs on paper. So one sunny morning last week I unrolled the paper on my work table which is in front of a large window and voila! There was a beautiful palm leaf design showing on the paper. I have an indoor palm between the window and my work table and it was casting an elegant shadow on the paper. Since my work table is a darker colour I didn't see this lovely pattern until I put the paper down!

So, I traced a few palm leaf shadows and then transferred them to a scarf that was already dyed and needed over painting - here are some pictures - I love it when playing turns out so well!

Palm shadow on the paper

Repeating the design on the silk with the paper pattern underneath

Partially painted in the darker green

The finished scarf


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